DUI Education

Direct Assessments DUI Education

Several options are available if you are required to complete an education course due to a driving revocation, DUI, or other legal charge.  DUI Education is a personalized program and therefore, there is not "set" schedule of classes, please call or email for more information, classes can be done immediately based on your schedule!

DUI education is meant to help you learn and further understand the consequences of getting pulled over for driving under the influence. We offer 3 different levels based on the recommendation from the chemical assessment:

  • Level I  Primary Care, 8-12 hours

  • Level II Intermediate Addiction & DUI Awareness Education, 16-24 hours

  • Level III Advanced Extensive Addiction & DUI Awareness Education, 36 hours and/or individual counseling

Contact me today and we'll find a program that is right for you to fit your needs!

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