Chemical Assessments

When receiving a DWI/DUI charge in Minnesota, it is imperative that you get a chemical assessment done right away to assist in your case and most cases it is a requirement (see below)

Subd. 2. Chemical use assessment requirement. A chemical use assessment must be
conducted and an assessment report submitted to the court and to the Department of Public Safety
by the county agency administering the alcohol safety program when:

(1) the defendant is convicted of an offense described in section 169A.20 (driving while
impaired), 169A.31 (alcohol-related school bus and Head Start bus driving), or 360.0752
(impaired aircraft operation); or
(2) the defendant is arrested for committing an offense described in clause (1) but is
convicted of another offense arising out of the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

For the one time fee of $295, we offer:

  • A complete chemical assessment, meeting all Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin requirements
  • Referrals to the appropriate resources (education classes, treatment programs, physicians, therapists etc..)
  • Consultation & review of assessment findings including potential risk factors
  • Personalized, professional care, not affiliated with commercial treatment centers and philosophies

How Does a Chemical Assessment Work?

A chemical assessment (chemical evaluation) is used to determine a persons level of alcohol addiction or alcohol dependency. With this assessment the therapist asks a series of questions regrading lifestyle, employment, personal, and legal history. We make sure our clients feel safe, respected, and are open to sharing during these questions. The therapist will take notes during the appointment, which will be done via video, and once the assessment report is completed, they will make proper decisions as to the level of treatment that will be needed.

Why is a Chemical Assessment Important?

Determining the level of chemical dependency is crucial not only for court-mandated cases, but to help our clients overcome addiction, whether it be alcohol dependency or other forms of substance abuse. If you believe substance use disorders are interfering with your life call the number below or set up an appointment online today! We are here to help you.

Importance of an Independent Evaluation Center

Getting your evaluation completed at an independent assessment center or private practice like ours is important for a few reasons. Our therapists and evaluators are unbiased and have no incentive in sending people to treatment and therefore provide a more accurate recommendation. Also when additional help is required for alcohol dependency or substance abuse, independent therapists are able to refer someone to the best possible treatment center instead of the for-profit centers that enlist people into their programs.

Our independent evaluation agency and private practice therapy is the best option for someone struggling with alcohol and chemical dependency! 

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